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Benefits of portfolio optimisation

Portfolio Optimisation shows where you are operating compared to the best ‘bang for buck’. This article outlines the benefits of achieving portfolio optimisation.

A businessman is looking at a chart of the companies portfolio on a digital tablet.

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Clarity of business drivers for capital selection

Control of the balance between risk reduction and financial projects in the portfolio

Improved generation of project ideas for potential consideration in the portfolio

A portfolio that only contains clearly justified projects that demonstrate their merits

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Portfolio-level tracking of progress and spend

Ability to adapt the portfolio to respond to the changing business environment and emerging needs

Better assurance delivering the capital plan and achieving the benefits

Senior management appreciation of the capital plan’s value

Less management distraction from capital surprises

Attraction and retention of high-calibre personnel

Visibility of forecast and delivered benefits from the capital plan

Visibility and control of the risks within the portfolio that apply at the business level

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Increased strategic value per dollar invested

Ability to demonstrate to stakeholders an improving risk profile of the business

Ability to attract capital to the business

Chris Lovelock corporate headshot

Chris Lovelock

Portfolio Optimisation Service Line Lead


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