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3 key roles of a PMO

Aerial view of road construction Aerial view of road construction

More and more asset owners are realising the benefits of a PMO function on their mega-projects. What key roles should they play? 

1. Align business objectives

Drive the right trade-offs between economic levers and business objectives

Reflect business requirements in the technical design of engineering specifications

Align contracting terms with business objectives and allocate risk to natural owners

Escalate critical business decisions in a timely manner


2. Strategic project steering

Set up and manage a ‘Control Room’ of information, reporting dashboards, and an information cadence to create a ‘single source of truth’, have maximum visibility and get timely information to facilitate decisions

Set-up and drive decision-driven dialogues

Deploy special response teams to mitigate risks and roadblocks

Monitor top strategic risks and communicate these to the owner to drive decisions


3. Capability building

Skills transfer to the owner’s team including analysis of trade-offs, management and maintenance of control room system and strategic risk management

Jeremy Rae Service Line Lead

Jeremy Rae

Principal and Project Delivery Services Service Line Lead

Jeremy has more than 20 years’ experience in the engineering and construction industry, being involved with and providing advice to clients on many large and complex infrastructure projects throughout Australia. His wide-ranging career has required the application of a variety of skills, including design management, cost planning, risk management, and value and stakeholder management. A core skill is his ability to understand the outcomes sought by clients, test and challenge any assumptions, identify critical success factors, and ensure the project is delivered in accordance with the objectives.

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