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Case Study

Westminster Pier Park

New Westminster Pier Park

The historic brownfield site with over 150 years of industrial/commercial shipyard use was decommissioned and transformed into an urban park.

Advisian acted as overall project lead for all disciplines to streamline decommissioning and full restoration. The site was challenged with limited space/access, strong tides, short timelines, and contaminated site issues.

Advisian designed and oversaw the complete dismantling/rebuilding of the wharf structure that was done while site investigation, remediation, and risk assessment activities were completed concurrently. Remediation of soils, sediments, and groundwater (including hazardous waste removal) included onsite containment and capping structures as part of risk-based remediation approved by provincial/federal regulators (CoC achieved), which greatly reduced conventional remediation costs. Health & Safety risks were also effectively managed.

The Westminster Pier Park has received four national and provincial awards for excellence in sustainability, innovative remediation, and environmental technologies.