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Case Study

Various Solar Projects

Aerial view of solar farm

Advisian has provided technical support relating to connection enquiries for various solar clients.

To assist our clients with their various solar connection enquiries, Advisian has helped by carrying out power system studies and concept design studies supporting the Solar Photovoltaic interconnection to the network.

The studies Advisian have carried out include:

  • Technical connection studies and network modelling to support connection application in PSSE  format

  • Load flow and fault level studies

  • Network constraint studies - investigating the capacity of power the network can absorb

  • Transient simulations - showing the behaviour of the plant during and after a system fault

  • Power quality issues - flicker and harmonic voltage distortion

  • Optimisation of solar farm components such as invertors and photovoltaic panels

  • Assistance with electrical layout and substation connection issues

  • Technical support for ongoing negotiations with the network owner

  • Cost estimates for different connection under consideration


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