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Case Study

Upgrader life extension feasibility study

canadian oil sands operation

Due to economic conditions and some recent changes to capital expenditures, the client needed to consider the strategic alternative of extending the existing life of an upgrading asset by approximately 30 years. Originally, the asset had been tagged for decommissioning in the next two to three years.

Our Approach

  • Combined both a technical assessment of the asset with an operational assessment of requirements to execute life extension work
  • Utilized equipment and inspections histories along with Advisian/WorleyParsons extensive field experience to assess equipment that required replacement/repair
  • Developed organizational requirements to execute life extensions work both inside and outside of planned turnaround cycles
  • Reviewed logistical constraints and constructability options
  • Developed models and timelines with regards to labor hours and cash flows by year
  • Assessed options for repair/replacement of a significant asset on site
  • Analysis was conducted over an 8-week period

Utilizing the outputs from the analysis phase, the client was able to weigh life extension options against other strategic options within the portfolio.

 Value Delivered

  • Provided client with initial estimate of required capital expenditures at +100/-50% level
  • Provided labor resourcing profile by year over three turnaround cycles, highlighting requirements within and outside of turnarounds
  • Provided a high-level approach by asset class and allocated work across three turnaround cycles
  • Provided client with an overall view of the condition of existing assets by asset class
  • Provided cash flow modeling for the entire life extension operation
  • Provided a high-level plan for conducting detailed Phase 2 Analysis that would fine-tune the approach