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Case Study

Transformation: Business Case Development


One of our clients engaged us to evaluate their current level of engineering data management (EDM) maturity. A key component of this involved identifying opportunities and their associated benefits to address key gaps in the near-term and develop a high-level plan to improve EDM practices across the business in the long term. The project was conducted by the client in partnership with Advisian Digital Enterprise over eleven weeks and involved a comprehensive assessment across five of the client’s facilities.


There were two key parts of this assessment: firstly, the mapping of how each site faired against defined maturity criteria for EDM; and secondly, the readiness for significant change at each site. These two aspects were treated in combination and actions were planned to achieve both. The following outcomes were accomplished through the assessment:

  • Maturity mapping – A scoring mechanism for maturity levels was defined with respect to effectiveness of EDM, with objective and measurable criteria. At the conclusion of the assessment, each site was mapped to the defined maturity levels. With no common business processes defined across the sites, no common client roadmap, and varying levels of historic investment in engineering data management, the current status of each site was different.
  • Site readiness – The readiness of each site to deliver a program of change for EDM was also established and was based on the following criteria:
    • Compelling need/change vision
    • Organizational capability
    • Actionable next steps

For a site to be classified as “ready” they were required to meet all of the above criteria

  • Roadmap for deployment – A roadmap that moves the sites forward and increases their level of maturity in EDM was developed and proposed over five key stages:
  1. Establish program
  2. Manage program
  3. Sites to get to foundational level of maturity
  4. Sites to get to effective EDM
  5. Integration and continuous improvement
  • Strategy for deployment across all sites – A strategy for deployment of the recommendations across the seven client operated sites was developed as well as the timeline for the proposed execution.

Client Benefits

The final business case developed for the client detailed the benefits and costs associated with improving the current level of EDM maturity. Specifically, the primary focus areas were:

  • Improved resource efficiency/productivity
  • Improved plant operational performance
  • Future cost avoidance

These benefits were driven by improved reliability and availability of engineering information/data coupled with the right tools.


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