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Case Study

Townsville City Council

group of people in suits at board room table

Bringing together several distinctive organisations and cultures to create a single, positive and aligned team.

The Situation

When Townsville City Council amalgamated with NQ Water and Thuringowa Council, they recognised that the three distinct organisational cultures, diversity of people, and poorly integrated systems were significantly impacting morale and service delivery. 


Advisian was engaged to design and lead a large-scale cultural change program. Reporting to the CEO, we worked with the Councillors, CEO, Directors and an executive leadership team to transform Council into a united and cohesive performance organisation. 

To do this, we assessed the current culture through focus groups and surveys, recommended initiatives to reach the desired culture, recommended other business improvement initiatives, provided leadership coaching and team development, and developed a change management toolkit.


By providing clear strategic focus, the organisational restructure resulted in optimal business performance. And after 12 months of intensive change management processes there was a substantial improvement in team integration, morale and service delivery. 



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