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Case Study

Terrestrial ecosystem management and monitoring

Migrating birds

A product release of light-end, liquid petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs) was reported from a pipeline in northern Alberta.


In response to the pipeline spill, Advisian managed the terrestrial ecosystem to avoid and minimize risk of negatively affecting wildlife and vegetation. Advisian prepared a wildlife management plan and oversaw wildlife management activities during remediation efforts. These activities included migratory bird surveys and nest searches, liaison with regulators and government biologists, provision of advice as needed, and oversight of wildlife deterrents, wildlife permitting, and a wildlife sightings program. With respect to vegetation, Advisian characterized surrounding communities to assist reclamation efforts following remediation. In addition to management, Advisian also initiated long-term wildlife and vegetation & wetland monitoring programs. Wildlife were monitored using Acoustic Recording Units (ARUs) and remote cameras to document occupancy and relative abundance of species.


No wildlife incidents occurred over the course of the project. Moreover, two common nighthawk nests (federally listed as "Threatened") which nested near remediation activities were buffered and monitored. Through these efforts, Advisian was able to oversee their successful nesting and recruitment.