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Case Study

Technical assessment of coal-fired power station

Coal plant

A confidential potential buyer contracted Advisian to perform a technical assessment of the 2 x 350 MW coal-fired power plant.


Advisian provided a technical assessment of a coal-fired power plant to support the client's potential investment into the plant. The assessment included the review and evaluation of technical data, plant walk-down, condition assessment, interview of plant operations staff and the identification and assessment of risk.  A risk register, fatal flaws analysis and overall assessment report was generated.

Following a review of technically related documents in the project data room and the question and answer log, Advisian developed a preliminary high-level red flag table and fatal flaw assessment.  The preliminary assessment was transmitted to the potential buyer prior to the site visit and used by Advisian as a guide of key risks and opportunities to be explored during the site visit.

During the visit, Advisian discussed key technical and operation questions with the plant owner/operator and toured the plant site and related facilities (e.g., coal receiving port, ash landfill, battery energy storage system and desalination unit).  Following the site visit, Advisian continued to investigate the key technical assessment risks and opportunities by considering new information added to the Q&A log and added to the project data room.  Advisian developed a thorough technical assessment report that described in detail the key findings, risk areas and risk mitigation measures.  The draft technical assessment report was delivered in eight weeks following the project kick-off.


Our client was provided the information required to evaluate the potential purchase which armed them with valuable information for the negotiations.  The assessment was delivered on schedule and in budget and allowed them to understand the plant condition, risks and issues.