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Case Study

Subsea field development

Subsea field development

The first ultra-deepwater field development in India

INTECSEA provided the concept selection, FEED, technical bid evaluation and recommendations along with the review and approval of the detailed design and subsequently construction supervision for India's first deepwater field development in the Bay of Bengal for state oil company ONGC.

The team based in Kuala Lumpur designed a pipeline system for the G1 field to integrate it with production from ONGC's GS15 field, both of which are located in the Krishna Godavari basin.  Anticipated peak production from the integrated development is 9400 barrels of oil per day and 100 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. 

The G1 project design required two subsea pipelines to be tied back to the onshore processing facility at Odalrevu. The pipelines will carry production from five wells at the G1 field, located in water depths ranging from 881 feet to 990 feet.  The GS15 project, located closer to shore in 26 feet of water, required the design of modifications to an existing platform to accept new production, and the design of of a new platform.

A new pipeline has also been designed to tie-in GS15 production to one of the new G1 pipelines that will carry production from both fields to shore.  INTECSEA also designed an upgrade of the onshore facilities at Odalarevu to handle 1,500 cubic meters per day of crude oil and 2.7 million standard cubic meters per day of natural gas.