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Case Study

Sub dew point sulphur recovery units

sulphur recovery

WorleyParsons provided a Basic Engineering Design Package for two new 80 tonnes/day Sub Dew Point (SDP) Sulphur recovery units with a minimum Sulphur recovery of 99.2%.

The units can process both amine acid gas and sour water stripper acid gas. The process utilizes a combination of three specialized technologies.

WorleyParsons’ ammonia burning, two-zone, Claus reaction furnace ensures the complete destruction of ammonia and hydrocarbon contaminants, Smartsulf™ sub dew point Claus catalytic reactors contain internal, thermo plate type, heat exchangers which keep the operating temperature for each reactor at its optimum and finally, D’GAASS™ Sulphur degassing technology is used to reduce the concentration of H2S dissolved in the liquid Sulphur product to less than 10ppmw.