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Case Study

Strategic Asset Management Framework for Water Corporation


Advising Water Corporation in Western Australia on the strategic management of WA’s water assets

The Challenge

Water Corporation was struggling to assess and reduce the risks associated with an expected $6bn Capex and Opex spend in a projected five year period. 

Our Approach

Advisian established a robust, consistent and repeatable approach to completing risk-based asset management plans across all asset classes. 

To do this, we:

  • Created an integrated team of Subject Matter Experts
  • Reviewed the current state to identify key gaps preventing good decision making on investments (Opex/Capex)
  • Agreed target areas based on key value drivers and business priorities
  • Agreed a best practice risk-based decision support method and framework

The Results

Advisian is working with Water Corporation to implement an agreed future state that provides transparency on how and why investment decisions have been made, and the status of execution at all levels of asset management. 

Water Corporation now has access to:

  • consistently-applied risk-based asset management process;
  • Clear line of sight on investment decisions linked to planning outcomes
  • A highly-structured task-orientated decision and risk management process, underpinned by quantitative analysis
  • Tightly integrated Strategy to Investment workflow
  • structure of artefacts used across all asset management processes, consistent between schemes and classes.


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