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Case Study

SolarReserve power tower projects

Crescent Dunes SolarReserve Power Tower

Advisian has supported SolarReserve for 10 years on dozens of projects in all phases of project development and delivery, including site selection/evaluation, permitting support, conceptual design, cost estimating, technology development and detailed design.

The Situation

SolarReserve is a US-based vertically integrated global CSP company that develops plants, provides the core technology, and owns/operates molten salt tower projects, as well as PV projects. Advisian has supported SolarReserve on multiple solar projects going on 10 years, including: Crescent Dunes (Nevada), Rice (California), Redstone (South Africa), Cinco Casas (Spain), Copiapó (Chile), as well as permitting and costing work in the US, Spain, South Africa, Chile, Australia, and China.


SolarReserve needed an engineering/environmental services partner to support their global project development pipeline.  Advisian’s global reach, which coincides with areas of high solar radiation sought by CSP developers, was a strategic fit, combined with our 130-year history of power plant engineering. Our scope on the SolarReserve molten salt tower projects includes conceptual engineering, reference plant design/engineering, evaluating site selection, full support for permit documents, FEED, cost estimating, technology development, and detailed design.


With our support, these projects have successfully progressed to the next stage of their respective delivery phase, including final approvals, PPA negotiations, construction, and commercial operation of the largest salt tower project in the world.