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Case Study

Shell turbo refinery

Shell Turbo Refinery

Decommissioning and remediation for reuse: This project involved the dismantling and demolition of the former processing plant, blending facilities, and packaging area. The demolition was followed by an extensive site soil and groundwater remediation program.

Advisian was responsible for the overall project and construction management as well as the environmental investigation and remediation. We developed the DBM and Execution Plan, generated cost estimates, coordinated asset sales, interfaced with Alberta Environment, and coordinated the demolition, waste disposal, and remediation contractors.

Included in the project was demolition or salvaging of various equipment and facilities. Also included in the project were testing, analyzing, treatment and disposal of significant quantities of process sludges and other wastes. The project’s soil and groundwater remediation scope included a comprehensive site characterization, recommendations for future work and involved interfacing with Alberta Environment.

The project met all schedule, budget, safety and environmental requirements.