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Case Study

Santee Cooper cross generating stations

coal plant

Advisian worked collaboratively with our customer to provide project management, engineering, procurement, construction management, start-up, and testing for Cross Generating Station Units 3 and 4 in South Carolina.

The Situation

Units 3 and 4 are two 600 MW coal-fired units at the South Carolina site and are adjacent to the existing operating Units 1 and 2.  Advisian (working as WorleyParsons), under its predecessor Gilbert/Commonwealth, Inc. performed the same scope for Cross Unit 1.  Key characteristics of the plant are: 600 MW pulverized coal-fired drum 2400 psi 1050°F/1050°F reheat turbine throttle conditions, mechanical draft concrete cooling tower Low NOX burners, and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system for NOX removal.


Santee Cooper and WorleyParsons worked as an integrated team in the early stages of design, through construction management, and on to start-up. WorleyParsons provided preliminary site surveying and site layout to support construction planning, permitting and preliminary design and assigned a core group of individuals to oversee the design and construction of the units.

The WorleyParsons team performed a series of studies to determine the use of piles or caissons, a baghouse or electrostatic precipitator, wet limestone flue gas desulfurization (FGD) vs. ammonia, subcritical vs. supercritical boilers, two-pass vs. tower boilers, and coal and pet-coke blending.

Prior to release of Unit 4, planning was done to allow Unit 4 construction to begin without interfering with Unit 3, including: circulating water piping was purchased and installed, laydown areas and site roadways were segregated from Units 1 and 2, warehouses were moved, a dual-flue chimney was installed and liners built, as well as construction of certain foundations and undergrounds of Unit 4.


Cross units 3 and 4 were placed into operation on schedule, with one of the lowest total installed costs of any coal-fired project of its generation.