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Case Study

SAGD drilling process optimization

oil sands

Major Canadian Oil exploration and production company with large-scale drilling in Oil Sands region with Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage technology

Our Approach

  • Developed a fact-based business case through interviews, side-by-side observations and evaluation of management reporting
  • Launched a comprehensive program of documenting drilling planning and execution process and procedures with recommendations for improvements for communication and interfaces with the field as well as front-end reservoir and geosciences departments
  • Redesigned a leaner process using recommendations incorporated to reduce cycle time and utilize parallel processing opportunities built into the new procedures
  • Implemented change with the introduction and coaching of effective meeting behaviors as well as implementation of critical front-line meetings between the Calgary office and field personnel

Value Delivered

  • 31% decrease in the cost per meter of drilling new SAGD wells in the oil sands region
  • 26% reduction in the overall drilling Spud-to-Spud cycle time of batch drilled SAGD wells
  • $11.6 million in annualized savings against the historical drilling program costs