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Case Study

Rinaldi-Toluca Well Field Groundwater Restoration Project

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Industrial activity in the San Fernando Basin resulted in contamination of the groundwater entering LADWP well fields. Advisian led an integrated team to deliver a complete remediation and restoration plan for the 82,000 acre-feet per year Rinaldi-Toluca Well Field.

The challenge

Industrial activity above the well field capture zone resulted in contamination of the groundwater entering well field. City, State, and federal agency response actions started in the 1980s were unable to restore the full beneficial use of the well field. The Rinaldi-Toluca Well Field, with a capacity of more than 82,000 acre-feet per year (AFY), was installed to avoid groundwater contamination but was unsuccessful.

Our Solution

Advisian provided groundwater and related services including remedial investigation, conceptual site model development, human health risk assessment, feasibility study of alternatives, groundwater flow modeling, contaminant fate and transport modeling, public participation support, technical advisory committee (TAC) support, remedy selection, remedial design, regulatory permitting and approvals, state grant funding support, and cost recovery litigation support.

Value Delivered

Developed a conceptual site model, groundwater flow model, and numerical contaminant fate and transport model in support of a feasibility study of remedial alternatives and design of the selected alternative. Provided cost recovery support for a $543M+ private-party response action consistent with the United States National Contingency Plan and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act.

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