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Case Study

Refinery maintenance improvement

gas to liquids refinery

The client’s refined cost per barrel was competitive worldwide and they had over 97 percent mechanical reliability, but maintenance costs were not competitive.

The Situation

An assessment revealed the overall maintenance work management process could be improved; contractor management and resource utilization was lacking and enhanced communication between operations and maintenance groups and definition of roles and responsibilities was needed.  An integrated, detailed implementation program approach was developed to address the major issues identified during the assessment.

Five focused streams of work comprised the Phase 2 implementation:

  • Maintenance excellence and ECSSM (Execution Control System)
  • Contractor management process
  • Supervisory and leadership development
  • Employee engagement
  • Project management office and sustainability

Our Approach

  • Design, develop and implement a maintenance process incorporating best practices
  • Identify maintenance base data information and KPIs to manage performance
  • Establish a maintenance ECSSM for regular reviews of KPIs and associated reports
  • Provide training for maintenance, operations and planning personnel, supervisors and managers
  • Structure and implement a contractor management process
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities


  • The outcome of the 27-week project resulted in $1.8 million in annualized savings, and the Return on Investment (ROI) for the project was 4:1
  • Enhanced capabilities in forecasting and determining human and physical resource requirements to meet essential refinery operating demands in more cost effective manner
  • An improved maintenance work process buttressed by improved planning, scheduling and execution practices