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Case Study

Refinery Lenders Technical Engineer

russia refinery

Advisian is performing construction monitoring on behalf of Lenders by providing half-yearly reports and reviews of the project’s progress in the areas of final engineering design, procurement, construction and start-up.


Advisian provided evaluation of the technical issues and their probable commercial consequences including:

Monitor project implementation status:

  • Conduct site review
  • Review the scope of work of contractors
  • Review project budget
  • Review procurement procedures
  • Review the principal technical aspects of project agreements

Monitor schedule and cost deviations:

  • Monitor key milestones
  • Review the schedule and risks associated with the construction and commissioning
  • Review the technical assumptions in the financial model
  • Confirm construction completion

Review environmental standards and compliance

Liaise with lenders and provide clarifications


Advisian has been successfully monitoring the project’s development to verify the plant’s compliance with the technical guarantees as well as its ability to operate in line with the design specification, review and report about the construction schedule and cost status, identify any potential technical risks and provide mitigation recommendations, review compliance with the local permitting and environmental standards.