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Case Study

Providing whole value life: Vancouver wharves terminal

Port of Vancouver

For the past 24 years, Advisian has been retained on an ongoing basis to carry out the detailed audit, condition inspection, engineering evaluation, development and execution of the maintenance program for the marine structures and materials handling equipment at Vancouver Wharves in North Vancouver, BC.

The Situation

The marine facilities include five deep-sea berths of varying construction types, able to receive Panamax vessels, and a railcar barge ramp.


We have carried out detailed audits and inspections of the marine infrastructure each year and then developed and implemented the annual maintenance program based on the identified priorities.


  • Development of a maintenance program with a whole-life reduction of $20 million in costs
  • Identification and management of whole life costs for terminal infrastructure
  • Minimized operational downtime, increased throughput and reduced demurrage costs Increased operational efficiency, improved materials handling and upgrades to two ship loaders Improved sparing philosophy and procurement chain