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Case Study

Predictive asset maintenance

Iron ore mine

As part of their overall strategy, our client wanted to create an integrated asset management platform that would help them to achieve world-class asset reliability and performance.

The Challenge

A large iron ore mining company in Australia was developing a project which involved a mine, processing plant, heavy-haul railway and new port facilities. As part of their overall strategy, the client’s vision was to create an integrated asset management platform that would help them to achieve world-class asset reliability and performance.

This platform would draw upon all available sources of condition monitoring information, enabling them to continually assess their asset’s health, anticipate the onset of failures, and make timely and informed proactive maintenance decisions to mitigate risks.

Advisian Digital solution

Our team of maintenance experts delivered a robust and fit-for-purpose asset management solution using real-time data from the field and equipment.

This included:

  • Implementation of the asset management solution, including overall solution architecture, technical installation and configuration of the software, and integration with SAP PM and condition monitoring repositories

  • Development of maintenance tactics for critical mine processing equipment and the integration of external condition monitoring systems and data historians to develop centralized asset health and performance monitoring

  • Embedding best practice strategy methodologies, including asset prioritization, RCM/FMEA/RBI/RCA and reliability strategy selector tools

  • A complete EAM integration and strategy, deployment of mobile technology solution for operators and technicians, and ongoing technical support, training, coaching and mentoring.


  • A cost-effective predictive maintenance approach based on the analytical outcome of field data, equipment data and plant engineering data

  • A significant reduction in downtime as the predictive condition of the asset’s performance helps to produce a more efficient maintenance outcome

  • Informed decisions around plant optimization, process safety and capital planning, due to the improved and timely access of critical asset information


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