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Case Study

Point Thomson permitting and regulatory approvals

Pipeline in Forest Terrain

The project is in a very remote location on the North Slope and was logistically challenging.


Advisian coordinated with our client’s contractors and subcontractors to identify regulatory and environmental requirements of the engineering team, managing timely and accurate delivery of data and input in order to support the permitting process, as well as preparation and implementation of regulatory coordination plans and environmental management plans. Our team managed pipeline/telecom subcontractors in Alaska with respect to regulatory requirements, management of various construction permits, and routine engineering management of change with respect to regulatory requirements. As the project transitioned from FEED to EPCM, our team supported regulatory field compliance and additional permitting schedule coordination.


The project successfully obtained its permits including a 404/10 permit, PSD air permit, and navigated through the NEPA and EIS processes. Construction of the facility commenced in 2012.