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Case Study

Permitting support for an iron ore mine

Mining Ore

We were commissioned to provide environmental management and approvals support to our client for the development of an Iron Ore Mine in Eastern Canada and terminal site in Quebec.


The project included development of the open pit mine and mine facilities and equipment, processing and conveying facilities and all on-site and off-site infrastructure.


  • Development of project plans for construction and submittal to Provincial regulators which gained approval under the conditions of the Environmental Assessment. The plans addressed project related Environment & Society issues and included environmental protection plans, environmental effects monitoring plans, and waste management plans.
  • Development of a project commitments register and coordination within the project team to confirm commitments were understood, tracked, and completed.
  • Regulatory/permitting support including coordination with regulators, preparation of a project permit register, development of draft permit applications (coordination with engineering team), and permit scheduling.
  • Support for Aboriginal consultation activities and requirements. Development of a Construction Phase Stakeholder Engagement Plan including extensive public engagement support.