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Case Study

North Delta outfall study

storm water outfall, water management

A clear and concise decision analysis system was establish which allowed the Corporation of Delta to implement work orders sand prioritization for maintenance of the outfalls within their boundaries.

Client Challenge

Advisian Team members were retained by the Corporation of Delta to perform a condition assessment of 92 stormwater outfalls within the North Delta area. The team visited each of the outfall sites and collected data and condition ratings for each of the outfalls. A standardized field data sheet was developed through adaptation of the NAAPI WRc conditions rating code for piping systems to develop both weighted and peak conditions ratings for the following outfall components:

  • Pipe material
  • Pipe slope
  • Headwall type
  • Headwall condition
  • Pipe condition
  • Siltation
  • Erosion overbank
  • Erosion lowerbank
  • Pipe diameter

Our Solution

One of the main deliverables for the project was the development of a outfall database (sample report shown above) whereby operations staff could easily query the outfalls based on peak or weighted condition rating to develop a prioritized capital list for addressing the most critical situations. The database also provided multiple pictures of each of the outfalls as well as the upstream manhole. Land title designation, UTM coordinates and a key map where the outfall is located was also included in the database and as printable reports.

Value Delivered

The database was able to provide a clear and concise decision assessment process allowing the prioritization of maintenance of the Corporation’s outfall system.