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Case Study

Market sizing with new applications in adjacent markets

chemical beakers

The client, a specialty chemical producer, was looking to assess the market for a new copolymer in new and adjacent markets.


There were four aspects of the approach:

  1. Assess the chemical properties of the new copolymer and understand its reactivity with other compounds to determine the necessary formulation of the end product, including sealant, adhesive, gum, film, fiber, and composite metal. Properties of the new copolymer in elasticity, tackiness, and barrier capabilities, etc. were considered to understand how it would substitute other competitive products in the market, including plasticizers. A large part of the assessment included patent reviews and a technical assessment.
  2. Determine and define the commercial application of the end product in end markets, including medical, food and beverage, industrial, sports, construction, and automotive.
  3. Perform a competitive assessment, including competing products of the new copolymer and the long-term plans for the companies producing them.
  4. A macroeconomic model was developed by application, end market, and across regions globally to assess the overall market size of the new copolymer.


The market study provided critical input to the client’s investment decision and long-term planning. The study produced insights on the size of the specific regional markets and applications, the competitiveness of the products, and surfaced challenges with market entry.