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Case Study

LNG facility site selection

LNG plano plant

Nexen CNOOC Ltd. was evaluating two potential sites for its proposed Aurora Liquefied Natural Gas terminal near Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Advisian was retained to provide geotechnical and geophysical services to assist in the site selection process.


The scope of this project included a desktop study, field reconnaissance, and an on-shore and off-shore geotechnical field investigation. The field investigation included soil logging, SPT tests, collection of soil samples, piezometer installations, and depth to groundwater measurements. Geotechnical laboratory testing was conducted to support interpretation of geotechnical design parameters.


Advisian prepared factual reports summarizing the results of the field investigations. Based on the factual reports, an interpretative report was prepared to provide an integrated assessment of the subsurface conditions encountered during the field investigations and identify terrain stability, geohazards, constructability, facility siting, aggregate sourcing and overburden management.

Advisian was able to make recommendations on the following:

  • Evaluation and ranking of sites based on subsurface conditions, groundwater, rockmass classification, faults, slope stability, and other factors
  • Site development, including shallow and deep pile foundation recommendations, site preparation, and construction, at the more geotechnically favorable site location
  • Preliminary geotechnical design parameters and foundation advice for the Pre-FEED phase at the geotechnically preferred site
  • Requirements for further work and site investigations