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Case Study

Kpone deep sea intake and diffuser design


Advisian provided Technical Consulting Expertise for the design of Cooling Water systems for a 340 MW combined cycle power generation facility located in Tema, Ghana. Expertise was provided through a global team from Africa, the USA & Canada.

Client Challenge

Cenpower is in the process of building an independent power plant on the south coast of Africa in the country of Ghana. The combined cycle power plant will connect to the municipal grid and provide significant benefit to local residence and industries. The gas-fired power generation facility requires significant volumes of cooling water to prevent overheating of the generation equipment. The challenge is to design and build a viable seawater intake and diffuser system in an area with busy shipping channels and dynamic sea conditions.  

Our Solution

Advisian is providing specialized power and water related services to Group 5 who are acting as the overall EPCM contractor for Cenpower. In this role, Advisian provided conceptual and detailed design of the offshore intake and diffuser systems as well as the onshore intake pumphouse and power generating units. Advisian collected  met-ocean data and developed a 3D dispersion model to verify intake and diffuser locations within the Atlantic Ocean. The intake and diffuser was designed to connect to independent 2m diameter tunnels that would be installed using micro-tunneling from the onshore location. Detailed hydraulic analysis and physical modeling were undertaken to confirm performance of the cooling systems in order to deliver 8 m3/s of cooling water to the system.

Value Delivered

Due to the nature of the project, schedule was a key driver. Advisian provided design of the systems on-time and modified and augmented the design to fit construction related inputs which were occurring on the site during design.