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Case Study

Kearl oil sands environmental compliance

oil sands

In the fourth year of the assignment, spanning more than 100,000 field man-hours, Advisian has maintained compliance, while also maintaining HSE incidents at zero lost days.

Client Challenge

Imperial Oil designed and constructed an oil sands mine in Northern Alberta to produce approximately 112,000 barrels of bitumen per day.  The oil sands mine encompasses large areas of land and is surrounded by vegetated areas and natural watercourses.

During operations of the mine, Imperial is required to monitor and control all emissions that may have a detriment to the environment.

Our Solution

Advisian was retained under a 10-year contract to provide both home office and on-site services to manage and monitor releases from the site related to surface water and groundwater. Advisian worked collaboratively with Imperial Oil to develop monitoring plans and laboratory analytical schedules to maintain the project within compliance of regulatory approvals. This required the collection and testing of over 10,000 bottles of samples annually. In addition, Advisian also provided detailed design services for a pilot treatment wetland to address runoff from an area in contact with lean oil sands. The intent of the wetland is to provide natural treatment of contaminated runoff that will allow it to be returned to the environment.  

Value Delivered

Within the first years of the contract, Advisian was able to obtain nearly 50,000 samples from the site, while maintaining compliance schedule at all times. Monthly and annual compliance reports have been submitted to the regulator on time and program budgets have been maintained.

Advisian’s team continues to drive compliance at the site, while also creating efficiencies that have decreased field times overall, thereby saving money for the client.