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Case Study

Inuit opportunity study for Nanisivik Naval facility

Ship moored at future Nanisivik Naval Facility

Our effort included compilation of an aboriginal community engagement program and socio-economic opportunity plan to provide support to local and regional Inuit workers and businesses to compete in the provision of labor, services, materials and equipment during the construction and operation phases of the Nanisivik Naval Facility.


Advisian developed the Inuit Opportunity Study to support efforts to maximize socio-economic benefits for the local and regional Inuit communities. The study provided a detailed community baseline report, including information about local businesses, services and available workers;  an inventory of relevant regional businesses; a description of all Project Requirements (labor, services and materials); and a Resources and Action Plan that identified work positions, work packages and strategies to maximize socio-economic benefits in the local and regional areas.


The Resources and Action Plan was implemented by the client and the contractor leading to successful utilization of regional and local workers and Inuit businesses and services.