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Case Study

How an oil and gas operator is gaining new insight through data visualization

Data visualization of an oil refinery

The Challenge

Our client is a large oil and gas operator in Western Australia with a large portfolio of projects managed through 13 different systems that weren’t integrated. Extracting data and reporting activities was time consuming for the project team and it didn’t allow for real-time analysis.

Advisian Digital helped the team access live their data from multiple systems through a web-based platform that could then be used to facilitate visualisation on PowerBI, iConstruct and eventually used for augmented and virtual reality.

Advisian Digital solution

Developed a web-based data visualisation solution using our Assure platform.


  • Transparency of project data, providing new insights to improve project delivery
  • Streamlined data extraction and normalization
  • Improved decision making through real-time data analysis
  • Utilized resources more efficiently by reprioritizing employee focus from data extraction and manipulation to high-value project analysis


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