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Case Study

Identification of operating and safety gaps for new gas plant

gas processing plant

After having to halt and then restart the construction phase, a midstream operator raised concerns about possible gaps in the operational readiness of the new gas plant.

The situation

An independent production and midstream company with operating assets across the U.S. needed to identify operating and safety gaps for a new gas plant coming on-stream. Plant construction had been started previously but was halted.  Construction was restarted but due to a lack of continuity during the halted phase, concerns were raised about possible gaps in operational readiness.

Our approach

Advisian conducted an analysis of readiness criteria including operations, safety, environmental, and permitting, which included:

  • Documentation of current status with gaps identified
  • Risk assessment and prioritization workshops to identify and rank gaps
  • Examination by our multi-discipline team of management systems, training, operating procedures, permit status, and incident handling plans (fire, release)
  • Action plans developed and proposed to remedy gaps

Key analysis findings included: 

  • The permitting, environmental, and incident handling plans were in place and sufficient
  • The operating procedures including commissioning, start up, operating, optimization, shutdown, and abnormal operations handling were insufficient
  • A personnel training and development program would be required for new staff

Implementation approach focused on:

  • Operating procedure development and Fire Protection Plan
  • Procedure Approval and Management of Change processes
  • Working with the client, Advisian, WorleyParsons Services, and equipment vendors jointly developed the required procedures.
  • Staff in eight locations worked together with staggered schedules to allow sequential work on procedures 16 hours a day to compress the schedule time.
  • Cost-effective training resources were also identified for the client.

Value delivered

Procedures were created, reviewed, and implemented on schedule. The plant was able to start up on the planned date, allowing the client to meet contractual delivery obligations.

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