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Case Study

Hydroelectric planning lead support

water dam

PG&E maintains 67 powerhouses with 107 generating units, 98 reservoirs, 170 dams and over 400 miles of canals, tunnels, penstocks, flumes and natural waterways.


Advisian’s Planning Leads help support PG&E’s Project and Resource Planning Group responsible for developing project planning packages that include:

  • Conducting safety assessments Identifying project risks
  • Preparing scoping documents and preliminary P6 schedules
  • Providing preliminary estimates
  • Identifying permitting requirements
  • Identifying regulatory requirements and constraints
  • Identifying opportunities to bundle projects in outages
  • Providing relevant drawings, specifications and vendor information


Based on successful partnering as described above, PG&E recently increased our scope to include support in their Asset Management Group, including support to the fire protection program and providing support to the PG&E NERC compliance efforts.