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Case Study

Human health and ecological risk assessment

Calgary skyline, people assessing

WorleyParsons provided site characterization, and risk assessment expertise for a former industrial area slated for revitalization in the City of Calgary.

The Situation

The sites had historically been used for a variety of purposes including railway terminals, waste incineration, industrial facilities, warehousing, and maintenance facilities. Identified contaminants of concern included metals and trace elements, PAHs, VOCs, hydrocarbons, and PCBs.


The primary purpose of the project was to prioritize sites for remediation and redevelopment in support of community revitalization in the East Village area. The properties bordered the river or were within the floodplain not immediately adjacent to the Bow River.


Phase II investigations were completed in support of the project. On one specific site laden with contaminated fill, a detailed ecological and human health risk assessment was conducted to ensure appropriate risk mitigation measures to prevent ongoing contamination of the Bow River aquifer.