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Case Study

High River flood management

Affected flood community

Providing clients with the critical aquatic information needed on their projects.

The Situation  

Flooding in Southern Alberta, Canada, in 2013 devastated the Town of High River. An extensive program was undertaken by Advisian to plan and design a comprehensive dike and land-use plan to protect the Town during future flood events.


Advisian conducted environmental assessments instrumental to ensuring that design criteria also addresses the needs of the aquatic environment and was involved in all aspects of the program including assessment, mitigation, regulatory approvals, monitoring, and compliance.  


All dikes were successfully constructed successfully and meet regulatory requirements. Similarly, all bank armouring was approved and was constructed with minimal effect on aquatic resources, as documented by turbidity monitoring. The use of remote monitoring technologies during in-stream construction realized savings to the Town while also increasing spatial resolution of data and quickly identifying exceedances.

*Advisian continues to provide environmental and regulatory services to the Town of High River.