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Case Study

Good practice guidelines for integrated water management for the oil and gas industry

water resources

Development of a framework for IPIECA’s global water strategy and a set of good practice guidelines that address the companion topics of water source identification and efficiency in water use for oil and gas operations.

Oil and gas operations are significant users and managers of water at local and regional levels.  Good practice guidance and effective stakeholder engagement are important elements for integrated water management and control of associated operational and strategic risks.

The global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues (IPIECA), with backing from international and national oil companies, commissioned WorleyParsons to produce a set of good practice guidelines and an accompanying strategy to address central themes of water management for the industry.

The guidelines were written by WorleyParsons water resources consultants and released in 2014, they can be accessed on IPIECA’s website.

The IPIECA guidance documents are entitled:

  1. Identifying and assessing water sources (IPIECA, 2014)
  2. Efficiency in water use (IPIECA 2014)

Acknowledgement of the contribution made by Advisian is enclosed within them. The guidelines are now being used by the industry and referenced by international stakeholders and policy developers such as the World Resources Institute.

The guidelines complement each other and provide cover of the following water management areas:

  • Stakeholder and regulatory engagement 
  • Project water requirements
  • Identifying water sources in the project area
  • Status of water in the area
  • Assessment of impacts, risks and uncertainty 
  • Water source selection
  • Water use
  • Identification of water efficiency opportunities
  • Evaluating efficiency measures
  • Measurement and indices of water efficiency

IPIECA’s membership includes international and national oil companies who collectively selected Advisian as their preferred consultant on the basis of our global reach, expertise and experience in water management across all conventional and unconventional sub-sectors.

The good practice guidance has been developed in such a way as to complement existing policy and regulatory positions with the intention of de-risking water management through exploration and production activities.