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Case Study

Forest Lawn Creek drainage study

Forest Lawn Creek

Through extensive stakeholder engagement and the development of multi-criteria decision analysis, we were able to proposed a solution that exemplified a triple bottom line approach amongst diverging party interests.

Client Challenge

The section of Forest Lawn Creek has been transformed from an intermittent stream servicing hummocky land to and urban stream that receives regular flows from urban stormwater systems. Increased development surrounding the creek has caused increases in runoff rates, volumes and flow durations. In addition, a full biophysical assessment was conducted to identify fisheries and wildlife concerns along the corridor.

Our Solution

Members of our team along with Dillon as sub-consultant led a morphological and hydraulic assessment of Forest Lawn Creek to determine its function and a vision for its future. Extensive stakeholder consultation was involved in trying to reach consensus on the creek’s value as an environmental corridor and the goals for development of the surrounding areas, including industrial lands and the transportation and utility corridor (TUC). The project covers approximate 6000ha and the key objectives of this project are listed below:

  • Determining any sensitivities (environmental) stemming from proximity to underdrain pipe
  • Evaluating existing conveyance and storage facilities
  • Maximize Conveyance in-stream
  • Accommodate the City of Calgary Corporate Properties’ desire to maximize industrial land development within the capacity of existing underdrain
  • Maximize preservation the existing creek morphology and valued habitats to a degree which is achievable
  • Relocation of the creek within the TUC and subsequent reintegration with existing infrastructure at the south end of the project

Value Delivered

The project demonstrated a good practice of finding a triple bottom line balance through-out a project dominated by multiple disciplines with diverging interests and agendas.

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