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Case Study

Feasibility study for the Tidal Turbine Reef


Feasibility study for the development of the novel tidal energy system, testing the viability of the tidal turbine reef as a reliable energy source that can be integrated into the Australian electricity network.

The situation

The Australian Renewable Energy Association plans to develop a commercially-viable ocean energy device – Tidal Turbine Reef (TTR) - based on a high-level concept. To do this, they required further the understanding of ocean energy as part of the renewable energy sector.

Our approach

Advisian is combining our experience in New Energy with our Oil and Gas expertise to develop a tidal turbine concept and are engaging with industry at various conferences to disseminate key learnings from the project.

The results

So far, we have been able to significantly reduce the capital expenditure (CAPEX) of the TTR due to innovative engineering.

We have presented the concept at multiple conferences to further the sector and currently have a patent pending on the concept, providing a glide path to commercialisation.

There is interest from developers to commercialise the technology.


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