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Case Study

Evolve Data Remediation

Offshore oil field at sunset

Our client had a vision of an environment in which the plant operations and maintenance teams could access any piece of engineering data, wherever they were, regardless of the source of the data. This vision was successfully realized but it soon became apparent that the data was not reliable.

The Situation

The data was riddled with missing fields and there were discrepancies between the different data sources. These issues meant that incorrect parts were being procured for maintenance. There was no certainty about what was actually in the field.

Our Approach

We worked with the client to establish a consistent class library and imported all of the client’s source data into a single engineering data warehouse. Reports were created which compared the data with the class library and highlighted the gaps and discrepancies.  

Resulting benefits:

  • The source of truth value fed back to the relevant systems.
  • Visibility of consistent and accurate master data in all key data sources resulting in increased confidence in operating information.
  • Rapid implementation of an environment to consolidate data from disparate sources to enable the identification of data requiring remediation.

Value Delivered

Using proven and automated technology and our domain experts who understand complex asset data, we delivered a fast, accurate and governed strategy and approach to improve our client’s data integrity.

  • A highly automated approach to data remediation that is powerful and functional, allowing multiple data sets to be examined across multiple assets.
  • Missing information was easily remediated using in-built libraries and automated processing. Where manual engineering assessment was required, it was provided through our global delivery centers for maximum value.
  • We were able to assess extremely large and varied data sets against a structured data framework. Where there were discrepancies or missing data, be it vendor or engineering data, the remediation process ensured a complete and accurate data set.
  • The end result was a centralized data warehouse with complete and accurate data sets, creating a single source of truth for our client.


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