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Case Study

Digitize: Brownfield Digitization

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To drive a longer asset life and safe, more efficient operations we helped our client drive one of the world’s largest brownfield digitization campaigns.

 Our client is championing one of the world’s largest brownfield digitization campaigns; they're building an integrated, digital asset information platform to drive a longer asset life, as well as safer and more efficient operations. Central to this program is the development and maintenance of 60 digital assets to support and inform long-term lifecycle management of the physical assets.

Our approach

We delivered a data governance model - an important success factor to ensure reliable and integrated asset data - to identify the way data is created, manipulated and measured as it flows from concept through construction, commissioning and operations.

As a core element to the data governance model, we established an equipment class library. The class library provides not only the scope for a project through the different phases, but also identifies the final project handover requirements. Defining a class library allows for more effective system integration and is the key to the implementation of a data-centered project and operation.


  • Rapid definition and deployment including the use of templates and automation to reduce setup time and cost
  • Linked to international and organizational standards
  • Scoping of information management toolsets
  • Data requirements, structure, and processes established


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