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Case Study

Brownfield Digitization

plant with superimposed numbers

To drive a longer asset life and safe, more efficient operations we helped our client drive one of the world’s largest brownfield digitization campaigns.

The challenge

Our client was championing one of the world’s largest brownfield digitization campaigns, building an integrated digital asset information platform to drive a longer asset life, and safer and more efficient operations. Central to this program was the development and maintenance of 60 digital assets to support and inform long-term lifecycle management of their physical assets.

Advisian digital solution

To ensure that the design information for the facilities was up-to-date and complete, 120,000 documents of varying quality and formats were consolidated for verification prior to developing the digital assets. We also reviewed data collected from laser scanning and resolved any data integrity issues.

After consolidating and cleaning the initial datasets, our team:

  • Developed point cloud data and associated primitive models

  • Created 3D ‘as-is’ models for all 60 units and facilities

  • Enhanced the digital plant’s ‘intelligence’ to maximize the value of the data captured

  • Reduced the final number of documents and drawings from 120,000 to 10,000

  • Integrated the asset data into a pre-configured engineering data warehouse which was vital to handling and maintaining the sheer volume of the data


Our work resulted in a digital hub of up-to-date, validated information that accurately describes the current condition of the facilities, helping them achieve integrated and data-centric operations. Now, before they go ahead and spend any money the their physical assets, they have a infinite number of interactions of plans, changes and simulations that they can make to ensure their making the best decision for their business.

This helps to:

  • Reduce the cost of searching for and validating asset information for operations and maintenance activities

  • Provide faster and and better access to reliable asset information leading to reductions in downtime and exposure to hazardous environments as further brownfield modifications and plant expansions are performed

  • Improve forward planning and provides a more efficient use of resources, including better work packaging and more proactive maintenance practices

  • Reduce costs associated with spare parts and improved supplier management

  • Ensure accurate, consistent and validated handover of information

  • Ensure faster and better decisions made based on a trusted source of information


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