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Case Study

Data maturity assessment

Digital offshore oil rig

The Challenge

After launching an asset information reliability initiative, our client wanted to leverage their operational data to improve their safety performance, compliance and productivity. Using our diverse industry expertise, we worked with an extensive team across seven operations of the client’s downstream business unit to:

  • Identify high value, low effort areas for quick improvement

  • Establish a maturity position for each asset reviewed

  • Highlight key investment areas for optimal cost and time savings

  • Develop a roadmap for implementing proposed improvements

Advisian Digital solution

Our team assessed, validated and outlined the extent of the efficiency and safety opportunity for our client, and recommend a way forward.

Key tasks and outcomes of this work included:

  • Collecting existing, alignment and planning data

  • Executing site assessments

  • Documenting findings and recommendations, including:

  • Estimating safety and risk reduction opportunities

  • Identifying opportunities for increased financial performance

  • Estimating a solution cost across people, processes and technology

  • Recommending a practical roadmap including how business disruption can be minimized across capabilities of technology, processes, data and people

  • Site readiness

  • Recommending a delivery model to achieve the roadmap

  • Dependencies on other major programs

  • Client benefits


  • Gained a better understanding of the organization’s cultural appetite for data management practices

  • Identified internal pockets of best practice and opportunities for improvement

  • Established a maturity position relative to their peers

  • Identified areas for improvements that would deliver short-term wins as well as long-term cultural acceptance of data management best practices



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