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Case Study

Creating an integrated and data-centric way to deliver projects

data-centric way to deliver projects

Recognizing the need to improve capital productivity, our client developed an industry-leading strategic initiative to create a more integrated and data-centric way to deliver their capital projects safer and faster. The outcome? A platform that enables a single source of truth throughout the project and asset lifecycle for our client, and their contractors and suppliers.

Our client considers Advisian Digital as a key partner in the development and delivery of this platform.


  • Cross-discipline data consistency driving high quality design data, less re-work and improved potential for re-use and replication

  • Increased transparency in the design process leading to improved safety and technical integrity of the facility

  • Seamless handover of information and data from design stages, construction and commissioning, through to operations

  • Automatic compliance with client standards and engineering practices


The platform was deployed into our client’s operations and Advisian Digital was appointed the main information contractor, responsible to establishing the integrated engineering environment for the project



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