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Case Study

Creating a path forward for Port Québec’s Beauport 2020

Montreal, BC Port

Beauport Container Terminal (“BCT”) is a strategic project for the Port of Québec requiring significant investment to extend the wharf line, develop an area behind the wharf, rebuild and redesign the beach, and enhance connection to road and rail networks.

The Situation

The Port of Québec engaged Advisian to provide advisory services and market analysis for the BCT project, including a 20-year container market forecast and assessment of landside access and terminal capacity for the proposed container terminal.


  • Market demand study and 20-year container market forecast
  • Assessment of global shipping trends and impact on the port
  • SWOT analysis comparing port with regional and global benchmarks
  • Supply chain modeling to determine the terminal’s competitiveness
  • Master planning and conceptual level drawings
  • Terminal capacity study Identification of new markets for the port
  • Development of rail operating plan and terminal operating plan
  • Assessment of near-dock rail versus on-dock rail options
  • Development of approach-to-market recommendations