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Case Study

Copper Gold Deposit

Copper Gold Deposit_Stepwise

A Greenfields porphyry copper-gold project, was the first new porphyry deposit defined in Papua New Guinea since the Golpu discovery in the early nineties. Assistance was needed for, defining the scope of the project, determining the most appropriate operation size and determining the most appropriate infrastructure locations and logistical options.

The StepWise project’s primary objective was to perform a high level study on the Project deposit with the aim of determining an approximate operation size and anatomy, to support a capital investment with attractive returns. The study of the regional and off-site infrastructure and logistics routes was a key-focus, given the relatively large proportional weighting of these from a capital cost perspective. A trade-off exercise between various logistics and supply routes was conducted with the most likely route selected. An advanced financial model was constructed to determine the most appropriate operation size, logistical routes and infrastructure locations. 

A “road-map” for the future development of the project including scope of work, schedule and budgets for all future phases and activities has assisted in the forecasting for this project. Identification of the most appropriate operation size and potential value of the deposit, has given the client a clearer strategic direction to formalise decisions. 


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