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Case Study

Conceptual plan for container terminal expansion

shipping containers, ports and terminals

PILPDECO needed to expand and for the expansion to generate revenue which can fuel further expansion. The current plan calls for a three-phase expansion with the first phase being US$90 million including funding for the equipment.


We interviewed client management and operating personnel, performed an analysis of the existing physical layout & traffic flows, performed a process review of current terminal operations processes, and reviewed the existing yard equipment and yard configuration.

After the analysis Advisian developed a set of recommendations for the port, focusing on the immediate steps that should be taken with relatively low cost to create improvements in efficiency, productivity, and lower overall operating costs.  


Our client was able to increase container throughput at the terminal enough to handle projected container traffic growth over the 2-year period prior to terminal expansion. 

We developed recommendations and an implementation plan with the end state in mind so that several of the recommended actions, particularly the process, systems and policy actions, would continue to be deployed in the expanded terminal layout so that investment and disruption could be minimized.