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Case Study

Concentrating solar thermal demonstration project

parabolic trough, solar

Advisian/WorleyParsons provided project techno-economic optimization study, FEED detailed design, construction support, commissioning/testing, and O&M technical services for the City of Medicine Hat’s 1 MWe parabolic trough ISCC demonstration project, the highest-latitude operational CSP project in the world.

The Situation

The City of Medicine Hat (CoMH), CCEMC (Climate Change & Emissions Management Corp), and the Albert Provincial government desired to co-develop/finance a 1 MWe parabolic trough demonstration project to prove the feasibility of CSP in such a high-latitude, cold environment. CoMH offered its 4x2 combined cycle power plant to be the host for the CSTD project’s solar steam.


WorleyParsons had just completed the detailed design of the latest gas turbine-HRSG train of the 4x2 combined cycle, and Advisian had just completed the detailed design of coal plant modification for a small parabolic trough demonstration project in Colorado for Xcel Energy. The natural fit was obvious to all parties and Advisian-WorleyParsons performed the project feasibility/optimization study, detailed engineering/design of the ISCC facility, construction technical support, commissioning, performance testing, and provided funder O&M performance assessment reports.


The project was commissioned in 2014 and Advisian continues to monitor performance and support the O&M of the project, including the delivery of a 2017 ISCC improvement study evaluating the cost/benefit of O&M modifications.