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Case Study

Central utilities microgrid

univeristy campus

Advisian provides ongoing technical support to the WorleyParsons Operations & Maintenance team that has complete responsibility to operate and maintain the microgrid that provides generation and distribution services of electricity and heat to a 3.5 million square foot combined medical center, research facility, and college campus.

The Situation

The university’s plant is a 14 MW combined cycle cogenerating facility consisting of two Taurus 60 gas turbines and one steam driven turbine generator.  The facility operates on natural gas as a primary fuel source with diesel fuel as a secondary emergency source.  The primary drivers for outsourcing of the O&M services were cost reduction, increased availability, and on-demand access to specialist engineering services.


Advisian’s services include the safe and efficient operation, maintenance, and repair of the DERs within the microgrid to ensure reliable generation and delivery of thermal energy and electricity to its clients.