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Case Study

Asset Management Framework for a New Zealand electricity generator and retailer

Asset Management Framework for a New Zealand electricity generator and retailer

Our client, one of New Zealand’s largest and most trusted electricity generators and retailers, required support with improving the value and performance of its power generation assets, and a review of its approach to maintenance contracting

The Challenge

Specifically, our client wanted an asset management model appropriate for implementation across a suite of thermal, hydro and wind power generation assets, and the development of an improvement plan ‘roadmap’ with critical success factors aligned with the client’s specific objectives.

Our Approach

Advisian developed an implementation plan to guide the embedding of critical success factors into all areas of the generating assets.

  • Assessment of the current performance against the agreed Asset Management Framework
  • Identification of the reasons for any performance gaps.
  • Development of an improvement plan in the context of impact assessment, sequencing, ease of implementation and any timing constraints

We also completed a gap assessment against the PAS 55 Standard. 

The Results

Key achievements included:

  • Purpose built Asset Management Framework
  • Maintenance services supported
  • High level of stakeholder participation and engagement.
  • PAS 55 Gap Assessment completed.


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