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Case Study

Akal C-D Offshore Produced Water Project

Water Treatment Plant

Advisian provided comprehensive liquid/oil analysis and developed a plan for overloaded water treatment plant

Client Challenge

  • Produced water quantities are rising with the water cut reaching up to 30-50% of the total liquid
  • Mixture water/oil currently transferred to Dos Bocas (TMDB) through the lines L1, L2, and L3 and TMDB water treatment plants are overloaded
  • PEMEX wants to free up the capacity of lines L1, L2, L3 by treating production fluid off-shore and transferring treated oil to Dos Bocas
  • Cost of treatment at Dos Bocas is much higher than industry bench-mark and space restricted in existing platforms will force PEMEX to install new platform (CAPEX) and operate
  • Take non-core asset (Produced Water Treatment System) off PEMEX balance sheet

Our Solution

Advisian collected liquid samples to benchmark production fluid properties to develop a “fit to purpose” treatment scheme, working with PEMEX to develop design production fluid specification to balance CAPEX and OPEX.  In collaboration with GWDP, Advisian proposed a 400,000 BPD processing capacity platform to debottle neck transfer lines, take asset off-balance sheet, and reduce OPEX.

Value Delivered

Advisian combined water treatment and offshore expertize to develop a well rounded team to address a unique challenge.  The proposed solution was designed by industry experts (not vendors) resulting in ~30% lower CAPEX per barrel installed capacity and ~40% lower OPEX, as compared to PEMEX' existing operation at DOS Bocas.  The success in reducing CAPEX and OPEX was achieved by combining  technical strengths, early technology provider, general contractor, and O&M contractor engagement.