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Case Study

Air permit review

Anacortes refinery

Early involvement of Atmospherics experts in the permitting process and agency coordination helps to streamline approvals and reduce delays in project schedule.

The Situation

Our client was expanding the Chemicals Complex at Lake Charles, LA. The proposed expansion was deemed to be a potential source of air pollutants according to local regulations.


Advisian provided support, regulatory guidance and oversight to the engineering teams during the review of the individual air permits for each new/expanded process unit to confirm that the permitted conditions for each emission point agreed with the design of the units and the associated infrastructure.

The permits were reviewed in a two-phased approach:

  • Review of unit designs before construction to confirm permits captured all new emissions sources.
  • Review of unit designs to capture changes to design prior to initial operation.
  • Results

    The permits are being modified to reflect the as-built design. Advisian has reconciled engineering design with permit requirements through effective inter-disciplinary coordination and strong technical knowledge.