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Case Study

$70M CAPEX saved out of the potential portfolio spend of $300M

Aerial view of iron ore mine and terminal

Financial year capital planning and prioritisation assessment: $70M CAPEX saved out of the potential portfolio spend of $300M.

The challenge

Advisian was engaged to develop and identify the most optimal and sustainable projects in the Financial Year Sustaining Capital Portfolio.

Our approach

To help determine the highest value within the portfolio, Advisian utilised the EcoNomics™ Assessment process and DELTΔ™ Toolset to prioritise the projects within each portfolio. The following parameters were included in the assessment:

  • Capital expenditure

  • Iron ore throughput

  • Energy – diesel and electricity

  • Labour force (skilled/unskilled) – productivity and retention

  • Greenhouse gas emissions

  • Mining regulations and complaints

  • Safety and health risk

  • Business and damage risk

  • Water use reduction

  • Land footprint


As a result of our work, $70M CAPEX was saved out of the potential portfolio spend of $300M.

The prioritisation maximised corporate value by aligning with the client’s five pillars - People, Zero Harm, Customer and Quality, Business Process and Growth.



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